Canada ontario cities latitude, longitude and postal codes.Google map, weather forecast. Zip code Ottawa, Toronto Zip code, Mississauga, Barrie Ontario zip code

Ontario cities
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Ontario Cities - Latitude, Longitude and Postal codes

City Latitude Longitude Postal Code Classifieds
Acton 43.62971 -80.04150 L7J 2L8 Acton classifieds
Adjala 44.07693 -79.89723 L0N 1R0 Adjala classifieds
Ajax 43.84404 -79.01822 L1T 4V6 Ajax Ads, Ajax Weather
Algoma 44.60414 -87.44639 P0R 1A0 Algoma classifieds
Alliston 44.15196 -79.87877 L9R 1V1 Alliston classifieds
Amaranth 43.97248 -80.25085 L0N 1G0 Amaranth classifieds
Amherstview 44.21884 -76.64260 K7N 1X3 Amherstview classifieds
Angus 44.31627 -79.88582 L0M 1B0 Angus classifieds
Arnprior 45.43518 -76.35719 K7S 1B2 Arnprior Ads, Arnprior Weather
Atikokan 48.75556 -91.62217 P0T 1C0 Atikokan Ads, Atikokan Weather
Aurora 43.99966 -79.46757 L4G 7V7 Aurora classifieds
Bala 45.01525 -79.61440 P0C 1A0 Bala classifieds
Baltimore 44.02175 -78.14803 K0K 1C0 Baltimore classifieds
Bancroft 45.05605 -77.85298 K0L 1C0 Bancroft Ads, Bancroft Weather
Barrie 44.38929 -79.69013 L4M 7B3 Barrie Ads, Barrie Weather
Baysville 45.14951 -79.11665 P0B 1A0 Baysville classifieds
Belleville 44.16949 -77.38539 K8N 5K3 Belleville Ads, Belleville
Birch Island 51.60673 -119.90518 P0P 1A0 Birch Ads, Birch Island Weather
Blind River 46.18631 -82.95718 P0R 1B0 Blind River Ads, Blind River Weather
Bracebridge 45.04133 -79.30993 P0S 1K0 Bracebridge classifieds
Bradford 44.11434 -79.56476 L3Z 3E4 Bradford classifieds
Brampton 43.68590 -79.75994 L6T 0A6 Brampton Ads, Weather
Brantford 43.13941 -80.26363 N3R 2S9 Brantford Ads, Weather
Brockville 44.58960 -75.68438 K6V 4A5 Brockville ads, Weather
Brighton 44.04164 -77.73665 K0K 1H0 Brighton ads, Weather
Burlington 43.32446 -79.79606 L7P 3R4 Burlington Ads, Weather
Caledon 43.74665 -79.83284 L7K 0C5 Caledon classifieds
Campbellford 44.30827 -77.79788 K0L 1L0 Campbellford classifieds
Carleton 45.13694 -76.14216 K7C 4M1 Carleton classifieds
Chapleau 47.84085 -83.40354 P0M 1K0 Chapleau Ads, Chapleau Weather
Chatham 42.41200 -82.18500 N7L 0A1 Chatham ads, Weather
Clarington 43.99883 -78.67698 L1C 4Y8 Clarington classifieds
Colborne 44.00502 -77.88800 K0K 1S0 Colborne Ads, Weather
Cobourg 43.95988 -78.16549 K9A 0A1 Cobourg classifieds
Cochrane 51.19185 -114.46665 P0L 1C0 Cochrane Ads, Cochrane Weather
Collingwood 44.50289 -80.21745 L9Y 0A1 Collingwood classifieds
Cornwall 45.01831 -74.72877 K6H 2X4 Cornwall ads, Cornwall Weather
Cumberland 45.42744 -75.30602 K4B 1P4 Cumberland classifieds
Dryden 49.78226 -92.84076 P8N 1A1 Dryden Ads, Dryden Weather
Dundalk 44.16938 -80.39164 N0C 1B0 Dundalk classifieds
Dunnville 42.90360 -79.61695 N1A 1A1 Dunnville classifieds
Elliot Lake 46.38875 -82.65100 P5A 1A1 Elliot Lake Ads, Elliot Lake Weather
Englehart 47.82343 -79.87819 P0J 1H0 Englehart Ads, Englehart Weather
Erin 43.77490 -80.07015 N0B 1T0 Erin classifieds
Espanola 46.25998 -81.77633 P5E 1A1 Espanola Ads, Espanola Weather
Essa 44.25762 -79.78438 N3Y 4P4 Essa classifieds
Fort Frances 48.61001 -93.39275 P9A 1A1 Fort Frances Ads, Fort Frances Weather
Frontenac County 44.65823 -76.69155 K0H xxx Frontenac County classifieds
Georgina 44.25509 -79.31172 L0E xxx Georgina classifieds
Geraldton 49.72713 -86.94882 P0T 1M0 Geraldton Ads, Geraldton Weather
Gore Bay 45.91466 -82.46441 P0P 1H0 Gore Bay Ads, Gore Bay Weather
Gravenhurst 44.91984 -79.37409 N8A 0A2 Gravenhurst classifieds
Haileybury 47.44894 -79.63770 P0J 1K0 Haileybury Ads, Haileybury Weather
Haley Station 46.153193 -78.052261 K0J 1Y0 Haley Station classifieds
Haliburton 45.15556 -78.48105 K0M 1S0 Haliburton classifieds
Halton Hills 43.65672 -79.93584 L7J 2H4 Halton Hills classifieds
Hanover 44.15160 -81.03088 N4N 0A1 Hanover classifieds
Hastings 44.30949 -77.95678 K0L 1Y0 Hastings Ads, Hastings Weather
Hearst 49.68954 -83.66442 P0L 1N0 Hearst Ads, Hearst Weather
Huntsville 45.32616 -79.22013 L3B 0A1 Huntsville classifieds
INGLEWOOD 43.79645 -79.93347 L7C 0T5 INGLEWOOD Ads
Innisfil 44.31528 -79.54640 L9S 4S7 Innisfil classifieds
Iroquois Falls 48.75837 -80.68949 P0K 1E0 Iroquois Falls Ads, Weather
Kapuskasing 49.40962 -82.40264 P5N 1A1 Kapuskasing Ads, Weather
Kenora 49.76588 -94.48904 P9N 0A1 Kenora Ads, Kenora Weather
King 43.92897 -79.52701 L7B xxx King classifieds
Kingston 44.23142 -76.48101 K7K 5W8 Kingston Ads, Kingston Weather
Kirkland Lake 48.15353 -80.03117 P2N 1A1 Kirkland Lake ads, Weather
Lanark 45.01813 -76.36513 K0G 1K0 Lanark classifieds
Markham 43.88126 -79.26158 L3R OH9 Markham ads, Weather
Markdale 44.31869 -80.64810 N0C 1H0 Markdale classifieds
Matheson 45.97255 -60.99001 P0K 1N0 Matheson Ads, Matheson Weather
Midland 44.75218 -79.88730 L4R 0A1 Midland classifieds
Milton 43.51349 -79.88280 L9T 5P4 Milton Ads, Milton Weather
Minden 44.92481 -78.72383 K0M 2K0 Minden classifieds
Mississauga 43.58821 -79.64172 L5A 1h5 Mississauga Ads, Weather
Mindemoya 45.73213 -82.16728 P0P 1S0 Mindemoya Ads, Mindemoya Weather
Moose Factory 51.26370 -80.59407 P0L 1W0 Moose Factory Ads, Weather
Napanee 44.24859 -76.95175 K7R 0A1 Napanee Ads, Napanee Weather
Newmarket 44.06035 -79.45579 L3Y 8C4 Newmarket Ads, Weather
North Bay 46.31343 -79.46672 P1A 1A1 North Bay Ads, North Bay Weather
North York 43.77974 -79.41561 M4B 1V4 North York Ads, Weather
Oakville 43.46673 -79.69038 L6M 4W6 Oakville Ads, Oakville Weather
Orangeville 43.91924 -80.09741 L9W 5B1 Orangeville classifieds
Orillia 44.60948 -79.42066 L3V 2X3 Orillia Ads, Orillia Weather
Oro-Medonte 44.54502 -79.58835 L0L 2X0 Oro-Medonte classifieds
Oshawa 43.89757 -78.86362 L1G 2E5 Oshawa Ads, Oshawa Weather
Ottawa 45.42349 -75.69793 K4C 1B6 Ottawa Ads, Ottawa Weather
Otterville 42.92647 -80.60342 N0J 1R0 Otterville classifieds
Owen Sound 44.56774 -80.94326 N4K 0A1 Owen Sound ads, Weather
Little Current 45.97876 -81.92526 P0P 1K0 Little Current Ads, Weather
Parry Sound 45.34353 -80.03667 P2A 0A1 Parry Sound classifieds
Pembroke 45.82667 -77.11085 K8A 0A1 Pembroke Ads, Pembroke Weather
Petawawa 45.89841 -77.28298 K8H 0A1 Petawawa Ads, Weather
Peterborough 44.30575 -78.32016 K9H 7N6 Peterborough Ads, Weather
Petrolia 42.88204 -82.14943 N0N 1R0 Petrolia ads, Petrolia Weather
Pickering 43.83571 -79.09056 L1X 1W1 Pickering Ads, Weather
Picton 44.00863 -77.13922 K0K 2T0 Picton Ads, Weather
Port Hope 43.95084 -78.29176 L1A 0A1 Port Hope Ads, Weather
Prescott 44.71041 -75.51288 K0E 1T0 Prescott Ads, Prescott Weather
Prescott-Russel 45.25736 -75.35830 K0B xxx Prescott classifieds
Rainy River 48.72209 -94.55914 P7A 0A1 Rainy River Ads,
Ramara 44.64181 -79.21923 L0K 1B0 Ramara classifieds
Red Lake 51.02006 -93.82515 P0V 2M0 Red Lake Ads, Red Lake Weather
Renfrew 45.47480 -76.68769 K7V 2J4 Renfrew classifieds
Richmond Hill 43.87133 -79.43723 L4C 7A5 Richmond Hill classifieds
Scugog 44.13341 -78.91527 L9L 1B4 Scugog classifieds
Severn Bridge 44.75680 -79.33837 P0E 1N0 Severn Bridge classifieds
Shelburne 44.75680 -79.33837 L0N 1S8 Shelburne classifieds
Sunderland(Brock) 44.26289 -79.06629 L0C 1H0 Sunderland ads
Stirling 49.50233 -112.51667 K0K 3E0 Stirling classifieds
Sturgeon Falls 46.36609 -79.92963 P2B 0A1 Sturgeon Falls Ads, Weather
Sudbury 46.49313 -80.99056 P3A 0A1 Sudbury Ads, Sudbury Weather
Terrace Bay 48.78341 -87.09707 P0T 2W0 Terrace Bay classifieds
Thunder Bay 48.40690 -89.24594 P7A 0A1 Thunder Bay Ads, Weather
Tilbury 42.26345 -82.43191 N0P 2L0 Tilbury classifieds
Timmins 48.47612 -81.33564 P4N 0A2 Timmins classifieds, Timmins Weather
Toronto 43.67023 -79.38676 M4B 1V4 Toronto Ads,Toronto Weather
Trenton 44.09985 -77.57803 K8V 0A1 Trenton Ads, Trenton Weather
Uxbridge 44.10938 -79.12046 L9P 1G2 Uxbridge classifieds
Vaughan 43.79104 -79.54052 L4K 3C7 Vaughan classifieds
Wallaceburg 42.59282 -82.38828 N8A 0A2 Wallaceburg ads, Weather
Wawa 47.99241 -84.77087 P0S 1K0 Wawa Ads, Wawa Weather
Welland 42.99176 -79.25059 L3B 0A1 Welland classifieds
Whitby 43.87983 -78.94219 L1P 0A5 Whitby Ads, Whitby Weather
Wikwemikong 45.80802 -81.71332 P0P 2J0 Wikwemikong Ads, Weather
WINGHAM 43.88799 -81.31153 N0G 2W0 Wingham classifieds

Canada ontario cities latitude, longitude and postal codes.Find Google map, Canada weather forecast.Zip code Ottawa ,Toronto Zip code, Mississauga and Barrie Ontario zip code.Postal code for Acton ontario, Adjala, Ajax, Alliston, Amaranth, Amherstview, Angus, Arnprior and Aurora ontario. Also Atikokan, Bala, Baltimore, Bancroft, Baysville, Birch Island, Blind River, Brantford and Brighton.

Chapleau, Chatham, Cobourg, Cochrane, Colborne, Collingwood, Dryden and Dunnville. Next on the list are northern ontario towns:Elliot Lake, Englehart, Espanola, Fort Frances, Haileybury, Haliburton, Hanover, Hearst, Geraldton and Gore Bay. Get zip code, latitude and longitude of Kapuskasing, Kenora, Kirkland Lake, Iroquois Falls and Markdale. Then Matheson, Midland, Mindemoya, Minden, Moose Factory, Napanee and North Bay.

Ottawa, Otterville, Owen Sound, Parry Sound, Pembroke and Petawawa. Petrolia, Picton, Red Lake, Stirling, Sturgeon Falls and Stirling. More northern ontario cities include Sudbury, Terrace Bay, Tilbury, Timmins, Trenton and Thunder Bay. Also find postal codes of the cities and towns of Wallaceburg, Wawa, Welland and Wikwemikong.Barrie Ontario zip code, Muskoka, Huntsville, bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Little Current.Check latitude, longitude, postal codes and Google map of Gore Bay, Rainy River ontario, Sault ste Marie and anywhere in northern, northeastern and northwestern Ontario.

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