• May 14, 2017

San Antonio Texas Is A Fun, Affordable City

San Antonio Texas Is A Fun, Affordable City

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San Antonio, Texas is steeped in history with the Alamo sitting right smack dab in the center. The city has some beautiful Spanish style architecture in the very walkable downtown area, and the River Walk is fun to explore throughout the day and evening.

The River Walk is currently under expansion and will soon be a full 13 miles of shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, parks and historical Spanish architecture. Exploring all of these sights on foot could keep you happily occupied for a good many days!

There are several military training bases in San Antonio, including Fort Sam Houston, the Army base where medical military personnel train. If you are considering a military career, you may very well wish to focus on a medical job description as Ft. Sam is one of the nicer military bases and offers very comprehensive medical military education.
Because of the presence of lots of young soldiers, enjoyable and affordable entertainment and shopping opportunities abound in San Antonio. North Star Mall and Alamo Quarry Market are in close proximity along the River Walk in the downtown area.Other inexpensive and very enjoyable attractions include the nearly 40 acre Botanical Gardens and Breckinridge Park, which includes the San Antonio Zoo and the lovely Japanese Tea Garden.
River Center Mall is also located on the River Walk, which is lined with fairly inexpensive souvenir and craft shops and restaurants. Free sightseeing opportunities abound. Getting around in San Antonio is also easy and affordable as the public transportation system is well- maintained, well-run and easy to navigate.
Interestingly and separately, San Antonio is a great place to learn about and enjoy deaf culture. The city has a large deaf community because the military bases provide employment opportunities.
In San Antonio there are good educational opportunities for deaf people and hearing people who wish to learn sign language. San Antonio College offers a comprehensive American Sign Language Interpreter Training program.

Many local churches have thriving deaf congregations and social opportunities are plentiful. Seasonal parties, plays, fairs and other social events provide good experiences for hearing people interested in learning and practicing American Sign Language.
Another interesting aspect of diversity in San Antonio is the very strong presence of Spanish culture and heritage. The Main Plaza is the home of the gorgeous San Fernando Cathedral, which is just one of many historic Spanish missions and cathedrals in the area. Market Square (aka: El Mercado) is the biggest Mexican market in the United States, and you will find lots of good food and good food on offer.
San Antonio’s German heritage is also very beautifully on display in the King William Historical district. This is a 25 block, highly walkable area located very near downtown. It was established in the 1800s and offers the opportunity to admire some beautiful, traditional German architecture.