• May 14, 2017

San Antonio Texas Offers Up Some Of The Best Restaurants In The Lone Star State

San Antonio Texas Offers Up Some Of The Best Restaurants In The Lone Star State

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What is so wonderful about the city of San Antonio, Texas? I can tell you quite a few things having lived for nine years about 30 miles away from that great city. San Antonio is the epitome of what Texas stands for. Of course, there are a lot of cities that are great in Texas. Let’s focus on San Antonio again, though, and what all you are going to eat there. There have been many great restaurants mentioned already, but we are going to get to four more right now.

What better name for a restaurant than Feast. Prepare for a feast! Feast is located on South Alamo Street, and the picture on a top travel site shows the restaurant name in large pink letters. They are lit up, and that draws attention to the name. So what kind of food do they serve? Feast serves up lamb kabobs, corn fritters, mussels and so much more. One reviewer talks about it being like dining in South Africa. That will give you something to think about as you plan your restaurant trip.

The Cove is up next, and the name of that restaurant sounds just as interesting. The Cove is on West Cypress Street, and it is all about fish tacos, lamb, burgers, sweet potato fries and more. It has a family friendly atmosphere according to reviewers. But hey, what happened to the barbecue and Mexican restaurants that San Antonio is known for? This city has all kinds of great eats, but I better get to one of those top picks now.

Smoke Shack is located on Broadway Street in San Antonio, Texas. It is a wonderful example of Texas barbecue at its finest because it is the 36th ranked restaurant out of almost 4000 in the city. You might want to try out all they offer, including the ribs and pulled pork. The sides look delicious, too!

One more restaurant can fit, but don’t worry, we are coming back to San Antonio for another round. Las Ramblas is a good fit, and it is found at Hotel Contessa. Top restaurants at hotels are always good to find if you are looking for a good spot for lodging. You should enjoy all the great food served up at Las Ramblas, too. Alright folks, get ready for a great time to be had in San Antonio, Texas, one of the best cities in the Lone Star state.